Shantaya Pace - Don't Be A Basic Bitch | Meet Shantaya
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Meet Shantaya


Shantaya Pace is an author, a Celebrity talent manager, producer, and screenwriter.

A native of Chicago, Shantaya currently resides in the beautiful Los Angeles area.

While many struggle with being able to identify their gifts, she knew very early on that she was chosen to inspire and uplift others and has always believed in the importance of helping to uncover and nurture one’s gifts. She is a motivational speaker, a mentor, and a community leader.

Aside from her charitable and philanthropic efforts, she is an entrepreneur and is the President and CEO of Paragon Talent Group LLC, a boutique talent management firm that doubles as a production company. She specializes in content development and is exited to be completing production of her first television program.

Through her various professional endeavors, Shantaya is looking forward to expanding her efforts globally and sparking a wave of intentional, motivated, altruistic change-makers. Stay connected on Instagram at: @shantayaspeaks

Shantaya candidly takes you on a journey through some of her personal bouts with self-doubt, fear, and lack of motivation, leading to her transformation from Basic to Brilliant and finishes off this full-course meal for the soul with a call to action to believe in yourself, clearly define your purpose, and find the courage to become the best version of YOU.

“A basic bitch mentality embodies all that is wrong with our society by creating a very false belief that somehow the world owes us something, even if we have not put in the work necessary to have earned it.”